The story of a meeting

For the occasion of Fuorisalone 2011, Mauro Grifoni will be hosting, in his flagship store in 17 Via Santo Spirito in the heart of the Milanese fashion district, D+A (designers+artisans).

D+A will be presenting some thirty design objects realized during a two-month workshop that offered the possibility for an exchange of ideas between young internationally-known designers and a group of ten firms of artisans during the course of the AAA project for discovering new artisans (www.nuovoartigiano.it). The objects were developed by Asprostudio, Lucia Massari, Bethan Laura Wood, Zaven, Matteo Zorzenoni, Silke De Vivo, Andrea Magnani (Resign), Merel Karhof, Luca Mathia Bertoncello, Alberto Caiola, Fabien Cappello, and Matteo Cibic as an expression of national and international emergent creativity, together with ten artisans from various sectors ranging from marble to paper, gold, glass, plexiglas, and ceramics: Antonio Bonaldi, Pietro Viero (Myver), Eugenio Lovato, Ermenegildo Sartori, Arduino Zappaterra (Ardovari), Sergio Paolin (Arbos), Cesare and Vania Sartori, Luca Bonato (Fusina), Bosa and Nereo Sella (KGN).