A installation for Nilufar galleries “Atomi” exibition.
“Atomi”surveys the dwelling subject matter, collecting home landscapes imaging, conceived and produced on purpose by eight amongst the most appreciated or promising architects and designers of today. Synthetizing personal beliefs about the habitat, all-embracing and totalising visions, the exhibition reveals itself as a succession and a mingling of imaginary places, new creations, highly characteristic and diversified style essences.

Bethan created "Luna" landscape, a room for dreaming.
The pieces designed exclusively for Nilufar Gallery focus on the beauty and qualities found in
particular materials.
Working with the talents of a highly skilled glass Artisan, and the surfaces of the the city,
they play with the with both the notions of mass production and the hand made.
The pieces are designed to spark the imagination, to create distance through
detail and a unique space, so that the mind may slow and dream.