Cars as Landscape
In the city, it is hard sometimes to get a sense of distance, as areas can become so compact. This project explores the ideal of distance, it looks at the many benches in public space, which instead of the idyllic view of some distant land you get traffic jam of Kingsland Road. That for the city its landscape is the car.
It seams wired to me that in the city cars are designed with a form, which is to be seen singly and for the car to move as fast as it can. But in reality cars in the city move slow and in large groups. What if cars could be designed with this in mind?
I like the idea for designing cars like mountains that when they come together they make a landscape. For the initial exploration of this project decided to make a car cover to temporary change cars into landscapes I wanted to use the same techniques that people use to fix there cars, with gaffer and tap.

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