Mother Care

In the first year of the RCA we did a project with Mother Care. I was interested in the notion of a tipping point for creative play, how much a child needs and children's interaction with public space. The amount of time children spend out and about is in danger of being surpassed by video games and high tech toys, with the majority of their interaction of the world around them being through the TV screen.
For the project I ask 5 children to go with their parents for a walk, with the disposable camera I asked them to photograph anything they imaged could be something else. I wanted to create a narrative between child, parent and space but with minimal extra than what already exists around them.
The things they saw were - worms, swimming pool and diving board, umbrella, monkey head, face, exploding volcano, sharp tooth, dalek and a wave.
Alongside their walks I too went on a walk and physically made what imagined out of paper. The immediacy of the paper in expressing your views direct on public space is something I explored further in the paper added work.