Paper Added

A project from my MA at the RCA, paper added comes from my initial explorations of the city. From walking different routes in the area in and around the RCA, I physically change the urban environment by using paper. I was interested on exploring the ideas that within public space any thing of permanence often gets tied up with the rules and regulations of council of committee, which can often result in these spaces, becoming a no mans land. By using paper I was able to physically can the space with direct immediacies, and open a discussion with the public about the spaces they pass through.
I was also interested with the notions of fragility within Public space.

Paper Bank.

I loved the shape of the bank with it reminding me of a giant Christmas tree decoration, so I gave it a bow, which I increased in size over a few days.


I found the stump at the ‘dodgy’ end of a crescent in Notting Hill; the street interested me because as you walked down the area and housing slowly determinates with even the trees being cut down. So I remade the Tree in paper.

Hair Salon
Platform 2 put on a one-day show in disused hairdressers opposite South Kensington. The room I was given was an old electrolysis room, so I decided to let the hair come back with vengeance!