Venice 2132 was a residency undertaken by four up-and-coming designers who meet whilst studying under the tuition of Jurgen Bey and Martino Gamper.
Though working as individuals they all believe in locality as an important factor to design, often each working in response to the area in which they reside. Be it collaborating directly with local manufacturing, or reflecting elements particular to that area within their designs.
During the three-month residency with Fondazione Claudio Buziol they worked with Venetian artisans, and made pieces in response to their experiences drawn from the area.
Designers were Fabien Cappello, Merel Karhof, Lucia Massari and Bethan Laura Wood

For more on the individual projects please go to their specific pages, for images of work by the other designers from this residency, please go to Exhibitions - Venice 2132